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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic continues to physically restrain face-to-face education, virtual and online solutions have developed overnight and continue to do so to provide quality learning opportunities for both education practitioners and students. As individual lives and even livelihoods of billions of people around the world, are severely affected , with educational institutions closing their doors – potentially for months – the need to ensure that equipping academic staff and ensuring student learning is far more significant than ever.

As a leader in applied education in the country, Bahrain Polytechnic has responded to the occasion immediately through the immediate training of its academic staff in the use of remote teaching and learning platforms and immediately engaging its current student cohorts resulting in the resumption of classes, remotely.

The institution is now organizing a forum geared towards bringing together varied communities to share their best practices in line with virtual teaching and learning in the current situation. It is meant to be a supportive learning event where essential takeaway lessons could be shared . The planned communities to be invited here would range from academics across all education levels, parents and even students.

The forum will also address the effect of this pandemic on the future of jobs, where some sectors will be changed with a serious focus on technology.



  • Experiences in Education
  1. Virtual / Remote Teaching and Learning Trends and Best Practice Contributions
  2. Enhancing Remote Teaching Skills
  3. Remote teaching and learning and student-centred pedagogies and technologies

    Eg. Flipped, experiential, problem and project-based, team-based, collaborative, game-based Learning

  4. Impact of remote teaching and learning on preschool, primary, secondary, higher and further education
  5. Virtual teaching and special education needs
  6. Equality, diversity and inclusion in virtual teaching and learning
  7. Remote teaching and learning and quality assurance and accreditation
  8. Evaluation and assessment of student learning in a virtual environment
  9. Curriculum design and development of virtually delivered courses / programmes
  10. Employability soft skills through virtual teaching and learning
  11. Educational management of virtual courses / activities
  12. Educational psychology for virtual education
  13. Pedagogical research in virtual environments
  • Pedagogical Innovations in Virtual Education
  1. Personalized Learning (Tutoring and Coaching)
  2. Neuroscience in education and virtual learning
  3. Next generation virtual classroom & learning space design
  • Trends and Issues in Education
  1. Virtual education and globalization
  2. Multicultural remote education
  3. Impact of virtual education on economic development
  4. Organizational, legal, policy and financial issues in virtual education
  5. Barriers to Virtual Learning (age, psychosocial factors, ethnicity, digital divide, inclusion, equity of internet access)
  6. Ethical issues in virtual education
  7. Academic leadership in virtual education
  8. Student support in virtual education
  9. Impact of virtual teaching and learning on the UN  2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development


  1. Experience sharing / realisations as a parent who has taken on full supervision of their child’s learning
  2. Homeschooling experience sharing from new practitioners
  3. Homeschooling perspectives from expert practitioners
  4. Best educational practices from parents
  5. Student perspectives on virtual learning
  6. Students’ best practices in virtual learning (time management, seeing out virtual resources, etc)


  1. Labor market perspectives on future trends of jobs as a result of virtual teaching and learning
  2. How can virtual teaching and learning support the need for the professions of tomorrow?
  3. Pros and cons of virtual teaching and learning on required skills of graduates entering the labor market

Keynote Speakers

Yaping Gao, Ed.D

Senior Academic Director, Member Services & Partnerships, Quality Matters

Mr. Edric Mendoza

Chairman, Homeschool Global Learning Inc. and Founder & President, The Parentschooling Co.

Mrs. Joy Mendoza

Homeschooling, parenting and family values advocate, award-winning blogger, and author

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